Tuesday, October 4, 2011

100th DXCC

On 12 meter I worked VR2MXT with SSB. Charlie from Hong Kong. The pile up was big but within a few calls he heard me. That was DXCC number 99. A few minutes later I heard VU2RBT from New Delhi, India. He was calling state side. USA seems to be very popular. Anyway, after a few calls I got him in the log. DXCC number 100. Now I know that some of the readers think, well, so what? With a contest they work 150 DXCC in a weekend. But for me, as no DX hunter, is 100 DXCC special.


  1. Paul, sincere congrats for a real achievement. Well done OM. 73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, thanks. It took a very long time to add a new DXCC to my list. I promised my son a treat when I reach no.100 Hi. 73 Paul

  3. Gefeliciteerd Paul met je 100ste. Dat mag gevierd worden. 73, Bas

  4. hallo Bas, ja dank je. dat wordt op gepaste wijze gevierd. 73 Paul

  5. Ha leuk...Feestje

    Als jij voor het bier zorgt, koop ik de pinda's....hi

    Maar, well done!!

    73 Wally PA3BTT

  6. Hallo Wally, mijn jongste leeft altijd mee, hij vraagt vaak als ie uit school komt: 'en, heb je al een nieuw land gewerkt?' Mooi toch? 73 Paul


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