Monday, October 3, 2011

10 meter

Here is a success story when propagation is good about the use of the Miracle Whip antenna by Ben Barr in Yahoo Miracle Whip Forum:

Miracle Whip+FT817 5watts, today in 10 meters work 3 stations in California, from North Carolina 20 meters Vermont, last week work Marroco on 20 meters..............just my observation: I bought the MMD-10 plus auto tuner and use it indoors, the same way I use my Miracle Whip, and to my surprise the Miracle Whip performs MUCH better, once again thats my observation and no scientific research.73's Ben Barr KC2RXV

My results on 10 meter Whisper this afternoon.

My QSO's today


  1. Good evening Paul, I too have the miracle whip and use it with my KX1 portable. I have had good contacts with it...not outstanding but good. Not sure if it's going to out preform my mono band mobile whips or not...but have not really given it a good go between the two.

  2. Hello Mike, I had one too, but it is broken after two years of intensive use. A very good antenna. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul,
    I have been lookig at the Miracle Whip for some time now. Like the idea of a fast setup and low profile when operating in public. Just wondering what broke on yours and did you ever go to Mfg for replacement component or repair?
    Best 73's Jim W2KLM

  4. Hi Jim, the tuning knob doesn't work properly. I have used the MW intensively for over 2,5 years. Almost daily. We have no dealer in the Netherlands, so it isn't easy to repair it. Now with my end fed wire and MV vertical I doesn't use it anymore. 73 Paul


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