Thursday, September 29, 2011

You'll never know

Though conditions seems to be poor for 20 meter (minor storm still going on) I could work VK7XX John (see photo) from Tasmania, Australia with JT65. A distance of 16943 km. My report -8 db with 20 watts. I used my MV 5+3 antenna. I was also reported by PY8ELO and ZL3GA. I heard: VK4BDJ, VK2CPK and ZL4VV. The Sand Piper MV antenna does work. When I look at John's log and compared with other amateurs in his log, I received him with -5 db then I am very satisfied with the receiving capabilities of the MV antenna.

Yes, I am in the log!

Propagations this morning. But you'll never know, it's always worth to try and call CQ.

The weather is very fine today. Almost summer... 24 C so I enjoy biking today and turn off the rig.


  1. Good morning Paul, yes conditions have not been that great have they. But when the sun is active we get these times. Enjoy the day of biking as these warms days are not going to be around for to much longer.

  2. Hello Mike, I take advantage from this wonderful autumn day. How long it will last? Till next Monday, then it is over. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul:

    I badly need to get out on my bike and lose a bit of weight ;-) - but when I do it will involve my FT817 I think - I have found a lovely spot not too far from here on the beach - I will try out my Fishing pole dipole on 20 or 40m - probably next week now when the weather has changed !!

    GL de Peter

  4. Great results Paul. The YL and I spent the afternoon out hiking along the coast. 73 Dick

  5. Hi Peter, what is the weather in UK? Here it is fine till next week. A summer after party. hi 73 Paul

  6. Hi Dick, we must enjoy the weather for as long it will last. 73 Paul


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