Saturday, September 24, 2011

South Africa

The weather was very nice today. So I tweaked the MV-5+3 antenna for optimal SWR. The screws are certainly not solid state. I hope the construction will hold out when strong winds are here. Anyway, the job is done.

Tonight I worked ZS2EZ Barry (see photo) from Port Elisabeth, South Africa with JT65A on 17 meter. With bpsk31 I also worked EA3HKA, RA3DRI on 17 meter. RD9OA on 12 meter this morning. UA1CFF, RK4VXL and UA3LMR on 15 meter. All qso's with the MV-5+3 vertical.

On 2 meter I worked PD9SW Steven over the voice repeater PI3HWD. He was mobile and transmitted from Lelystad. Distance about 51 km.

At 20:45 UTC I worked on 17 meter with JT65A W4ABQ Kevin from Lorton, VA, USA. It's special that 17 m is open that late at night.


  1. It sure would seem the new antenna is doing it's job for sure.

  2. Hello Mike, the antenna does work, that's for sure. The coming weeks I will use this vertical intensive to see what's possible. Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul

  3. PD9SW, dit station hoorde ik donderdagochtend over de repeater. Hij was toen /p.

    73, Tjeerd

  4. Hallo Tjeerd, ja klopt, Steven is de beheerder van de repeater. Jammer dat ik je gemist hebt. 73 Paul

  5. Fantastic! I currently use a Marconi antenna, with many ground radials to achieve what you are doing.

    I do hope your MV5+3 it survives the winter.



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