Thursday, September 22, 2011

Justify Text

I like justified text on my blog. Maybe someone want to know how I do such things. In this video I show you how you can change the template of a Blogger site. Before doing some changes, back up your template in case of something went wrong. But when you follow the instructions as shown, nothing can go wrong. I show also how to change the line height on your blog.

Afraid of heights? It’s a good spot for my VHF/UHF antenna. But for climbing the building, no way!

My latest activities with my new vertical the Sand Piper MV 5-3. First impression is good. Especially for the WARC bands. 30 meter and 17 meter doing well. My my end fed wire isn't good for 17 and 30 meters. So it seems to be a good addition. I let you know more in another posting.


  1. Hi Paul, I will be very interested in your experiences with the Sandpiper MV5-3, as I have been interested in getting one.

    73 André

  2. sorry me again. I forgot to ask you something. Are you using any radials with your MV5+3?

    vy 73 André

  3. Hi André,

    not yet, but I will. Maybe next week or so. I think it will improve the capabilities of the antenna.

    73 Paul

  4. Hallo Paul, bedankt voor de tip m.b.t. justify. Ik ga het eens proberen. Het lijkt wel een stuk strakker. 73, Bas

  5. Hallo Bas, graag gedaan. Zo vind ik de navigatie bar boven in bij Blogger sites niet prettig. Dus die heb ik ook weggehaald. Kan ik ook een filmpje van maken hoe dat moet. 73 Paul

  6. Ja graag, of een link naar waar je die tip vandaan hebt. Vind die balk ook een doorn in het oog. 73, Bas


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