Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I really liked the Abbott and Costello movies, many years ago. This scene gave me a big smile today. Last night I worked M6DHV Dave on 40 meter. Also RV9LT from Asiatic Russia, both with PSK31. Today condx are poor. Though I worked UT9IO/P EU 182 and LY37M with CW on 20 meter.


  1. Paul,

    I got a good laugh out of that one!

    Nice work on the radio given the poor condx.


  2. Hi Paul, my wife laughed out loudly at this.. :0)

    Great comedy.....

    73 Mark MW0MJB

  3. Good evening Paul, we are coming up to a Provincial election in the fall and this sounds like the math they are trying to pass off on us for votes!!!

  4. Little late viewing, Paul. A and C were years in vaudeville and every movie had material from those days at some point in their films. I am a WC Fields fan and somewhat resented the fact that when A and C signed with Universal, Fields was dropped. 73 Dick


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