Thursday, September 1, 2011

Early this morning

I was early this morning, so I checked 40 meter. I did hear some stations from the USA with CW: W5TZC, K8QKY and W1EBM. Unfortunately I could not work them. Too many stations were calling. With JT65A I could work W8BRI Brian from Michigan on 40 meter. Other stations I heard: KC8HNZ and K2AFY. Blogger has a new interface. It looks very clean. Today the meteorological fall has started. The summer, the worst in 100 years, is gone. Now see what fall will bring.


  1. Good morning Paul, it seems that JT65A will make it through in almost any conditions. It's always nice to walk away from the rig with at least making a contact.

  2. Jspiker9/01/2011

    That's an amazing mode of communications....40 meters. I would never guess in a thousand years. Great catch.

  3. Hello Mike, JT65A never fails, I can always make contact when all other modes fail. 73 Paul

  4. Hello John, 40 meter is a fine band. Especially when we go to winter time. With CW I made QRP qso's into the USA. But not today... 73 Paul


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