Friday, September 30, 2011

Counterpoises for the MV-5+3

I was reported by ZL3PX Geoff from Christchurch (see photo), New Zealand on 40 meter this morning. Distance 18.663 km. I gave a CQ call with JT65 on 40 meter but no takers. But I am reported by several stations:

Results with WSPR on 40 meter:

Last night I made a qso with EA9BC Melilla Island (North Africa) on 30 meter.

Yesterday, I have made 3 radials / Counterpoises for the MV-5+3 antenna for 40 - 30 and 20 meter band to improve the efficiency of the antenna. So far I am quite satisfied about the results of this little vertical antenna. All contacts above are made with the MV-5+3 antenna.


  1. Good morning Paul, I have found by just adding one radial to my miracle whip greatly helped with the SWR among other things.

  2. Hello Mike, Indeed, I did the same with my Miracle Whip. The performance is 100% better with a counterpoise. 73 Paul

  3. Paul,

    Al dit soort antennes hebben een counterpoise nodig voor een betere werking.
    Vorig jaar heb ik op mijn Blog hier uitgebreid over geschreven m.b.t. de ATX1080 antenne.

    73, Tjeerd

  4. hallo Tjeerd, ik zal je artikel even opzoeken. Prettig weekend. 73 Paul

  5. Hi Paul. I have only one counterpoise for my MP-1. I will try adding another and see if it improves efficiency. If it throws my swr/reflected power off, I will get rid of it. 73 Dick

  6. Hi Dick, it's always worth trying. Important is the right correct dimensions of the counterpoise. 73 Paul


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