Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Computers are fun

These folks do have a lot of fun learning how things work. And when we get bored, you can always climb a bridge.

Don't try this at home.

Click on the picture to enlarge. Last night I was WSPR-ing on 160 meter. Best result was LA3JJ 818 km. And I saw M0JEK André on my screen! I made this graphic with Excel. Import the WSPR data and play a little.


  1. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and weak legs just watching a few minutes of this.

    I can barely climb a ladder these days.

    73 Dick

  2. ...and proof that you can chew gum and operate a computer. Also, sing and operate same.


  3. Hi Dick, yeah right, I got a sick feeling when I watched them climb. Nothing for me to do.

    73 Paul

  4. Hi Paul,

    Finally we saw each other on on our screens! Here is an example what I saw last night.

    1948 -17 -0.4 1.838096 0 PC4T JO22 37

    I haven't used WSPR on 160m till I saw your posting a little while back. My antenna is not for 160m. It can do 80m, so I tuned my QRP ZM-4 ATU for 160m and it works!

    vy 73

    André, M0JEK

  5. Hi André,

    Finally we meet each other on the WSPR screen. It's wonderful how a small wire (11 meter long) can work decently on 160 meters. My SWR is 1:1 and the antenna seems to efficient because I am heard with 5 watt over 818 km and -16 db. Theoretical he could receive me with 500 mW also.

    73 Paul PC4T

  6. Mooie filmpjes Paul, tjonge zonder beveiliging zo een brug beklimmen geeft wel een adrealine kick. Die oudjes achter de camera.....zouden dat geen acteurs zijn haha. 73, Bas

  7. Hallo Bas,

    misschien zijn het acteurs, maar grappig is het wel.

    73 Paul


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