Friday, September 16, 2011

12 meter

There was a lot of activity on 12 meter today. With bpsk31 and JT65A. Here the list with the stations who reported me. I worked with JT65A K2HU and KD7YZ on 12 meter. I didn't make QSO's on 10 meter. Very strange. I think ZS6AKU put a wrong frequency in the frequency display.

I was active with JT65A on 12 meter, but earlier.


  1. Fantastisch Paul....12m is open. Mooi werk. Overigens zie ik mijn laatste post nergens in de blogroll voorkomen. Vreemd...73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, ja en gisteren ook al. Blogroll: misschien een foutje bij Blogger? 73 Paul

  3. Nice 12M contacts, Paul. I just might get some sort of wire up for that band. At least I have enough room for that length, hi.

    I will be QRV on 17M today and all QRP. Sent some CQs this morning on 18.086 but no replies. Was monitored in Iceland and Finland.

    QRO QSO last night with New York.

    73 Dick

  4. I love 12 meters (and 17). Boutique bands! :)


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