Sunday, September 18, 2011

11 years ago

My son was searching in an old box and found our photo's taken 11 years ago when we visit New York. On the left we (The XYL and me) are standing on Manhattan Bridge, in the back you can see the 2 towers of the WTC. On the right, me on top of the World Trade Center, 10 months before that catastrophic attack. It's still weird.

Today I didn't do too much radio work. Yesterday I made a QSO with RW6AVK with bpsk31 on 12 meter. I heard for the second time radio amateurs from China on 12 meter, I called BH7OXR from Beijing but I was unable to work them. Today 1 QSO with SV7MTO with 10 watt bpsk31 on 15 meter.

Soon I will remove the 6 meter antenna, because the Es season is over. I will replace the antenna with a Ground Plane for 30-20-15 meter hoping for a lower angle radiation and more DX.


  1. Well Paul you looked like quite the "dude" back then....:)It's sure is nice to find photo's from the past it brings back memories. As you said who would had thought that the back ground towers would had made world news. Besides that....made it into the history books and changed travel forever.

  2. As one who flies a couple times a years, yes, airline travel changed for ever. Awful experience now.

    For a short time I worked in the Towers area before the they were built. Much of that neighborhood had stores devoted to the sale of electronics parts and equipment. Most of it war surplus from WW2. In fact the area was known as "Radio Row".

    73 Dick

  3. Hallo Paul, een hippe gozer 11 jaar geleden hi! Was China op 12m PSK31 of een andere mode?? Jammer dat ik geen tijd had dit weekend, volgend weekend hoop ik mee te doen een paar uur in de CQWW RTTY. Zal wel meer avondwerk worden, overdag is voor het gezin. 73, Bas

  4. Hi Mike, Dick and Bas,

    You can see what eleven years can do to a family man. ;-)

    China was with bpsk31 on 12 meter this weekend.

    73 Paul

  5. You sure looked cool! :-)

    I worked a station in Taiwan with bpsk31 on 20m a month ago, but I still have not worked China yet, but like you I see the stations popup occasionally.

    73 Andre'

  6. Hi André, I think there are a lot of Chinese out there. So sooner or later it will happen. 73 Paul

  7. Hi Paul,
    Great picture, you do look like the "MAN" back then.
    Best Regards - Jim

  8. Hi Paul:

    Yes - you looked way cool reminding me of one of the Golfers who's name escapes me, We were in NYC in 2001, walking around the Trade Centre district and it's weird looking back, and could not possibly have imagined those huge Towers collapsing as they did - it affected me for quite a while just seeing those images unfold - Terrible thing.

  9. Hi Jim, when I see this picture I realize the years has done something to me. ;-) I should loose more weight. 73 Paul

  10. Hi Peter, and now 12 years later, the years have left their marks. When I watch the 9/11 videos I understand how awful it must be when a plane crashes into the building and being up there. 73 Paul


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