Wednesday, August 24, 2011

some CW

I did some CW on 40 and 20 meter. On 40 meter I worked Ingvar SE7M a light house station from Malmö, Sweden. Also on 40 m Slave OK1FMG.

On 20 meter I came across EF4RCH, a nice qsl card. And EA5NI Pedro. So enough for today...


  1. Jspiker8/25/2011

    Hello Paul,

    I also like working "special event stations". Good catch!

  2. Hi John, I like special stations too, most of the time nice qsl cards. 73 Paul

  3. I really like these harbour lighthouses, this one reminds me of one of my favourites in Newhaven East Sussex....nice CW contacts Paul...

    73 de Mark MW0MJB


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