Monday, August 15, 2011

Almost Alaska

KL7J heard my CQ call on the 20 meters band. As can be seen, he came back for me. On Hamspots I saw that he could hear me all with -10 and -11 db. Yet the QSO failed. You'd think it should just work. Then I called CQ for a while but nobody came back for me. On Hamspots I saw several stations from Europe heard me, why no one comes back for me, I do not understand. I suspect that they are only willing to work DX. Nobody is waiting for a station from the Netherlands I suppose. ;-)

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  1. Vreemd dat het QSO niet lukte Paul, morgen beter! Had ik destijds ook met Australiƫ op 40m, de dag er op lukte het wel. Succes 73, Bas


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