Saturday, July 30, 2011

Topband WSPR

Tonight I was running WSPR on 160 meter. With my tuned End Fed Wire for 40-20-10m trying on 160 meter. The results are not bad at all. 7 DXCC countries and best DX 854 km with 5 watt. I saw that PE1MPX was running 20 watts (6 db stronger) than me, he was in Northern Ireland only 4 db stronger. I do not know what antenna he was using. So I am very satisfied with my results on 160 meter. Best receiving DX was OH6GKW 1637 km.

This weekend is a very social weekend, a lot of friends and family, so no radio for me. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Good results Paul.
    I use a inverted V antenna (top 9 meters above ground level) for 160m. This antenna is to low for 160m.
    My experience is that is makes not much difference if you transmit with 5 watt or 20 watt.
    Hope to spot you again on 160m soon.

    Wilco (PE1MPX)

  2. Hallo Wilco, ik denk dat de meeste van ons de antenne niet veel hoger zullen hebben. Het voordeel is dat ie meer als rondstraler fungeert als ie lager hangt. het verschil is 6 db ;-) daarom houdt ik het meestal gewoon op 5 watt. Jouw signaal kwam hier goed binnen. Ik heb ooit de gordijnrail met tuner afgestemd op 160 meter met goed resultaat. Tot werkens, 73 Paul


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