Friday, July 22, 2011

Noise and QRM

I realised that it is hard to listen for QRP CW stations because of my high noise Floor S8 – S9 on 20 meter. Weak signals are drowning in the noise. When I give CQ on 14060 KHz, it happens that sometimes someone comes back for me, but I can’t make anything out of it because of the noise. Yesterday I tried to make a qso with OM3BA, but HB9DAX came right upon our frequency for calling CQ, he didn’t hear us. That was pretty annoying. That’s why I switch very often to JT65A because the software has no problem with the noise.


  1. What is your antenna system. I am on a narrow boat and had a similar problem to you with noise but I can get around it with a toroid and a good earthing strategy.

    73's Alan

  2. I understand the feeling, I too have high noise at times on 20m, 40 and 80 that can be frustrating when trying to pull out weak stations. I remember once calling CQ sometime ago, and getting a very weak reply, which I am sure was Liberia, however, I couldn't get the full call. In the end I had to give up ... and say sorry. This haunts me for ever!

    vy 73 André

  3. Hi Alan, My antenna is an end fed for 40-20-10 meter. My vertical is more silent, but less efficient. It's city QRM, and I think most of us who live in the city will have such qrm/qrn. But maybe I have to search for a solution somehow. 73 Paul

  4. Hi André, yes I know. It is frustrating sometimes. I think JT65A is a good solution because the software can pick up easily signals from the noise. 73 Paul

  5. Anonymous7/24/2011

    Hallo Paul,
    Ik heb het hier anders om. Ik hoor van alles op mijn 20 m draad, maar ze horen mij niet.
    het hotel bied allelei plekken om de zender te gebruiken, buiten de kamer. Gisteren al 4 QSOs gemaakt vanaf de Azoren.
    73, Bert PA1B

  6. Hallo Bert, ja dat is ook een probleem. ;-) De Azoren, dat is niet gek... beter dan hier met al die regen. Veel plezier daar. 73 Paul


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