Sunday, July 3, 2011

Broadband Power Line Interference

Power Line Interference can become a serious problem for radio amateurs. KPN (a Dutch provider) makes advertisement for broadband internet via power lines (BPL). Such device produces a lot of noise on HF. If a radio amateur causes such a QRM he will be banned from the air. It is very strange that Internet Providers are allowed to sell such garbage. Kees PE2KM wonders if any DSP from any brand can do something about it. That’s why I publish this video that I I found. I think that only Kenwood TS509S and the Elecraft K3 are able to reduce such Power Line interference.

Latest activities: I worked HA3DX and EA5BY on 6 meter with CW. On 20 m I worked YU1CA with 5 watt SSB late at night, he gave me a 59 report. On 40 meter psk31 SP3AXJ, DL2KXA and DL7XT.


  1. Hi Paul. I listened to that VK video. I don't think ANY receiver could filter out that horrible QRN. An amateur would be brought up on charges if his transmitter emitted such noise, yet these BPL people have no problems with the authorities. The U.S. ARRL has fought the good fight against this horror, but who knows how long before big money wins the battle. 73 Dick

  2. Good morning Paul,here in Cambridge we have not had the pleasure of BPL technology...yet. The K3 in the YouTube video sure does the job getting it to a very bearable level. I do have trouble with our plasma TV on the main floor. I purchased the MFJ-1026 and it did the job very well in removing the QRN. Funny thing if my radio was taking out the neighbors TV it would be up to me to remove it or shut down. But I have heard of many hams who try to live with neighbors Plasma QRN. If I was more familiar with the K3's filtering I believe I could had avoided purchasing the MFJ unit. Now having said that KE7X Fred Cady has put together a fantastic easy to read K3 manual. It goes through step by step filter setup and so on.I may be using the MFJ unit less and less.

  3. MW0MJB7/04/2011

    Hello Paul, it never used to be a problem for me on HF, but over the last two years the QRM has increased dramatically here in the shack. Mostly down to plasma TV's... After 6pm the noise floor can be up to S9 until about 11pm... it used to drive me nuts, but I now work around it.

    I count myself lucky compared to over hams in the UK.
    73. Mark

  4. Hi Paul,

    just saw this item.
    If you are right about the K3 and TS-590 I am a happy guy! As you know I own a 590 so I do not worry about BPL...
    Will not provide my neighbours with this info though...

    73, Kees

  5. Hallo Kees, dan ben je een gelukkig man. De TS509S staat op mijn verlanglijstje. Het lijkt me een prachtige transceiver. 73 Paul


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