Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer is here

Summer is here, on the calender. We had rain again and a lot of wind. No sun. yeah, a big flare, what may give aurora June 23. Anyway, condx on 17 meter were poor. I heard only two pile ups, and I hate pile ups. Don't mind phone or CW. I hate split working stations. It is complete madness. I like quietness such as the 20m QRP frequency. That's why I like JT65A, no pile ups, maybe two stations double, but that don't bother. Easiness, time to put the station in the logbook while transmitting. I did work 4Z5OA Leonid (see photo) from Akko Israel and RX9KT Yuri from Muravlenko (4049 km) on 20 meter JT65A, not with QRP but with Low Power 25 watts. It took 15 minutes and see where I am reported in the same time:

Not bad at all. This afternoon I was struggling with Skype, because an old friend from a long time ago, living in Switzerland now, want to Skype with me. But the extra USB cable for the web cam was giving RFI problems so my router was out of order again. When I disconnected the USB cable the problem was over.


  1. JT65 blijft mooi. Leuke resultaten. Lastig he RFI...als je er eenmaal last van hebt kom je er weer moeilijk vanaf. Lijkt wel een soort radio ziekte. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, gelukkig alweer opgelost. Al die draden en kabels en draden pikken al dat RF op. Het kan ook bijna niet anders. 73 Paul

  3. Good evening Paul, yes summer has come and it's very nice here but the rain is moving in on Wednesday and is supposed to stay until Friday. I hope it will dry up for the weekend as I wanted to get just a little time in for Field day. I agree with you regarding pileups, I too hate the massive chaos. Hope the weather clears up for you by the weekend and you can enjoy some sunshine.

  4. Hi Mike, the weather forecast for the weekend is good. We have are having a party Saturday, so that will be fine. 73 Paul


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