Friday, June 17, 2011

Sporadic E

No, EA8ALD is not a Sporadic E QSO, but a QSO on 40 meter early this morning with bpsk31. Most of the time propagation is poor the last weeks on most HF bands. Fortunately there is Es on 10 or 6 meter. Yesterday I was reported by TF3HZ, EA1FAQ and DK6UG on 10 meter last night with WSPR. Today I have WSPR running on 6 meter with 5 watts into a 5/8 vertical. 5 watt is enough for WSPR, I see sometimes folks are running 10 or 20 watts, but their signal will be 3 or 6 db stronger (a half or 1 S-point). When Es is there, and signals are coming through, than is 5 watt enough. Today Bas PE4BAS is running 5 watts on 6 meter instead of 1 watt. See if I can pick up his signal. When we have time we will try a sked with JT65A and PSK31 on 6 meter.

Yesterday I worked SM3GDT Hans, with bpsk31 on 20 meter, he came back in Dutch! I have in my macros also Dutch, when I come across a Dutch 'speaking' station. He is a Dutchman living in Sweden. We both had QSB and QRM on the frequency. With SSB on 10 meter I worked EE5KB, very short QSO's, only 59, even he didn't replied on my 73. Hurry seems to be the sign of the times.


  1. Hallo Paul, tot nu toe alleen nog maar buurt stations ontvangen. Zelf alleen ontvangen voor PA0O. PA2HB die hier nog dichter bij zit heeft blijkbaar een probleem met de ontvangst want die geeft nog geen rapport. Ach, je weet nooit wat er nog gaat gebeuren....73, Bas

  2. Paul,

    Het lijkt er steeds meer op dat er nog tijd is voor een "normaal" qso.

    73, Tjeerd

  3. MW0BBU, Steve.6/17/2011

    Hi Paul,
    With regards to your 10m 59 contact, that is why I moved to QRP working, people always seem to have time to make a QSO and like to talk about their stations, WX,antennas etc... seems like the more power you run the less time you have.. maybe they pay for watts by the minute..


  4. Hallo Bas, het was de hele dag niets, tot vanavond na 21.00 uur. Ik ben gehoord in Marokko. En PA0O, alleen ontvangen vandaag. 73 Paul

  5. Hallo Tjeerd, dat hele jachtige hoeft voor mij ook niet. Wel jammer dat het zo soms gaat. 73 Paul

  6. Hi Steve, QRP work is more fun and more satisfying. The real radio spirit is still there. 73 Paul


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