Thursday, June 9, 2011

CW Nostalgic Mode

Though, it is no longer a requirement to know CW for getting a ham license in most countries, it is still an attractive mode. It was the best mode for working DX, where phone failed, CW is still possible. Nowadays, with digital modes, such as JT65A, is CW no longer the best mode. As long as we depend on our ears, for weak signals will CW also fail. But nevertheless, CW is a very nice mode, and it makes us nostalgic. Every radio amateur want to be able to work CW, or don’t they? Sometimes it is hard to learn CW and someone need patience and perseverance to resume learning CW. But once learned, you’ll never forget. After so many years I still need sometimes training to take CW by ear. I become lazy by terrific software who can decode CW such as CW Skimmer, which is the best, unfortunately it is not for free, but it’s sure worth the money. Still I need to train CW sometimes and I use CW Player 4.0.3d. to upgrade my skills. You can adjust the right training speed. You can choose for random text. I like the software very much and it is for free! Good luck and have fun with CW.

CW_Player 4.0.3d
CW Skimmer


  1. There are some free Morse practise programs on my website, including MorseGen.

  2. Hi Julian, you wrote it yourself, well done. It looks nice too. It's quiet on your blog... 73 Paul

  3. I find CW to be a very enjoyable mode and have worked hard at getting my speed to were it is today. I will say that for longer than I can remember I am at an impasse. I am not able (manly due to not being consistent) pass a certain barrier, I want to be able to arm chair copy but up to this point have not hit that in my CW career.

  4. Hello Mike, I found out that 20 wpm is a good speed to work, up to 24 wpm. Higher is much more difficult. I am training now for 28 wpm. 73 Paul

  5. I can now copy m and k and 12 wpm, still it's all fun.

    73 Paul.

  6. Hi Paul, 12 wpm was the speed for my exam in 1976. Just go on... 73 Paul


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