Monday, May 9, 2011

Youngest Ham Operator

Mikaila Williams, the youngest ham radio operator in Florida, USA. Her call sign KK4BFK. It looks like a revival for Ham Radio. "We were the first social media, and ham radio has had a three-year growth spurt in the number of new licensees, now with almost 700,000 in the U.S.," Pitts said.” No Twitter or facebook, but ham radio. That’s the right spirit. >>> Read more

This morning I was Whispering on 20 meter. Best DX Adelaide, Australia. VK5ZAG. Other DX: KD5ALJ and WA8KNE. With PSK31 I worked in the late afternoon EO66X and UT5FMA.

This is the first time I worked a GR call, GRØFVH with JT65. It must be short skip by Es, because normally I can't work UK on 20 meter.


  1. Hallo Paul, ik zie mijn dochter dit nog niet doen op 8 jarige leeftijd. Volgens mij kan je hier pas een licentie halen met 14 jaar of zo?? Ben uberhaupt benieuwd of ze enige interesse voor radio krjgt. Wel leuk stukje overigens...73, Bas

  2. hallo Bas, ik heb nu 5 kinderen, maar geen een is echt geïnteresseerd in Amateur radio. Ik geloof dat je in Nederland zeker ouder moet zijn om op te kunnen voor het examen. Hoe oud, dat weet ik niet.

  3. Hi Paul, funny seeing that young girl interacting with ham radio in the back of my mind that was what I wanted to see my son Ben doing...just did not turn out that way. I hope when life starts to slow down for him he gives ham radio a go. To me with all the computer, social media and over all electronic that kids these days are exposed to I think ham radio could be on the increase if the proper media is used.

  4. Hi Mike, the study and exam is a hindrance for many youngsters, and it's much easier to go on-line with Twitter or Facebook and make worldwide contact for free. Most people I know don't really understand what I am doing with my antennas and equipment. They think I am a little bit weird. ;-) 73 Paul


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