Wednesday, May 25, 2011

QRP 40 meter

I had a two way qrp qso on 40 meter with DF5RE de Erik on 7030 KHz. The HyEndFed works fine on 40 meter. I had to shorten the 40 meter wire for better resonance on the band. 20 and 40 meter are the most important bands for QRP work. Because on other bands QRP activity is low. This afternoon I was running WSPR on 6 meter, but Es was suddenly gone. I was reported by PA0O and PA3MET. Now I WSPR on 30 meter. The HyEndFed is tunable for 30 meter at day time, but not at night... have someone an explanation? On 40 meter WSPR I was reported in Australia with 5 watt (VK6BN and VK6ZRY) I also received VK6BN, so the HyEndFed antenna works fine on 40 meter, and keep in mind that the Solar Flux was 80 and 23 Sunspots.


  1. Glad the new antenna is working out for you, Paul. I don't have room for a 40 meter antenna at either QTH. And, 17 meters seems to have no QRP callers on the 18.096 calling frequency. So, as you say, it is 20 and 40. 73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, for the time being is this my antenna situation. I can work on 6 bands and that's more then enough. 73 Paul


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