Sunday, May 1, 2011

How long CQ-ing?

How long does someone call CQ? I call 3 times CQ and 3 times my call and do repeat this for 3 times. That's all. With Es on 10 or 6 meter only once. But what did I hear on 20 meter? Listen. Probably he is testing his modulation or something else, but why don't he use a dummy load? And there are morons on 2 meter and 70 cm who are bullying and teasing phone repeaters. Beside making strange noise and interfering a QSO, one is constantly giving a short carrier to open up the repeater. Listen. I don't understand this behaviour. Have a nice Sunday.


  1. Good morning Paul, well for me with CW most of the time I call CQ CQ CQ DE VE3WDM I do that most of the time twice but the second time through I end it with CQ as well. Just in case someone catches the sequence at the tail end they know I am calling CQ. As for the 20 meter audio recording it reminds me when I was young and used to listen to the skip coming in on the CB radio.

  2. When calling on digi I always send CQ CQ CQ DE G4ILO G4ILO i.e. my call twice. That's because the decoders that feed into the reverse beacons look for the same thing twice after the DE to be sure they have the call correct. Quite possibly you should do it on CW too for the skimmers.

  3. Hello Paul, I usualy call CQ CQ CQ de PA1B PA1B PA1B/QRP K and then I listen. I find this long enough. I always use CW.
    73, Bert

  4. Paul, the first recording must be the same guy that was doing this 20 years ago on CB. I heard him and it seems Mike as well. Can't miss it. I actually never call CQ (in SSB) and in contests I let my voicekeyer do it. When looking for a QSO I always listen and find a calling station. A habit from my old (illigal) CB years I guess. On digi modeslike PSK I call 3 times CQ. 73, Bas

  5. HI Paul - I call x3 times on cw if no answer I might call again or qsy - on digi I might call up to 6 times (quite often the sig might drop out) 2m repeaters in the UK have been plagued in the past by "Idiots" keying up and "Squeaking" into the repeaters I have NO time or inclination to listen to this "wierd" behaviour, quite why people spend good money on equipment to behave this way is beyond comprehension - I give 2m Fm and repeaters a wide berth - I would rather tail end a qso than call cq.
    73 Peter


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