Monday, April 4, 2011

WSPR 30 meter

Last night I did some WSPR-ing on 30 meter. I can't tune my 80 - 40 meter dipole for 30 meters. So I use my Hy End Fed for 20 meter. For transmitting 5 watts no problem. See results above. But for reception the Hy End Fed antenna is not good for 30 meter. That was something I already knew. With WSPR you can check how well the antenna performs. The MUF was last night 15 MHz. So propagation at night is doing well. VK and JA were both in the night zone. (grey zone)  This morning on 40 meter WSPR, best DX W3GXT (6109 km) and on 20 meter: VK5ZAG (15.926 km)  For the necessary CW training I made the following CW QSO's on 20 meter: RG5ØK, UY6IM and 4O8A.


  1. Hallo Paul, een beetje vreemd rapport op het JT65 RB network

    PC4T [ JO22 ]
    Count: 4
    Bands: 160,20
    Avg Sig: -14 dB
    Heard in: 4 grids
    Best DX to N4RP
    RB Grid: FM18eq
    6245 KM at -21 dB on 160M

    Wist niet dat je ook 160m JT65 deed. Niet gek. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, ik zag het ook. Ik denk N4RP zijn band verkeerd had staan. Ik werk idd niet op 160 meter. Had overigens wel leuk geweest. 73 Paul


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