Thursday, April 21, 2011

This is the shack of SV2HWR which I worked on 20 meter with CW last night. Later on I worked EA7/GØOOD Tim from Spain with CW. Conditions this morning not that good. On 20 meter I heard only two CW stations. No activity on QRP frequency. In the early afternoon I worked EA3ACD Jordi from Banyoles, Spain with PSK31. On 15 meter I came across N4AU Bobby from Wetumpka, Alabama, USA with JT65.


  1. Jspiker4/21/2011

    Hello Paul,

    Great contact on the 15 meter band into the US.I'm looking forward to getting outdoors with my 15 meter dipole. Hope to work you sometime....


  2. Hi John. it's always nice to work a fellow blogger. 15 meter is a very nice band. Hope to work you too one day. 73 Paul.

  3. Hello Paul Thanks for posting my ham shack 73 gl!


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