Monday, April 18, 2011

QRP activities

So far not too much activities on HF. Only I worked 5.10 UTC SV4FFU with JT65A on 20 meter and 5 watt. This afternoon I worked LZØ2WFF with CW on 20 meter. Also YL2GN and LZ2RS/QRPP Rumi, he was running 200 mW. He was 559 here. And F5UKL/QRP Andre from Pau, France. All with 5 watt and dipole.


  1. Anonymous4/18/2011

    Hi Paul. HF is about as dependable as the weather, lately. En effect, not at all! 73 Dick N2UGB

  2. Hi Dick, indeed. You'll never know. Always listen for a contact, don't believe predictions. 73 Paul


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