Saturday, April 9, 2011

Old Mill

This mill is in city centre of Alkmaar, a city near by. I like that mill now it's working. So I made a short video. Paul MØPCZ wrote on Facebook: “Just worked VK on 20m, getting pretty boring now... ;-)" That is a good statement. I just gives expression of boringness when working QRO and work many times the longest distance possible, yes indeed, it will become boring. Of course Paul’s statement is indented to be funny in a way, I really understand. But it is so true. I feel the same when doing 5 watt WSPR and been reported every time in VK and ZL. Eventually the thrill is gone. When turn down the power output, things are thrilling again, when I see that with the same power as an internet router, working more than 25.000 miles per watt. I jump up from my chair when I see I have been reported in Moscow. Get the picture?

WSPR with 50 mW on 20 meter this morning. Best so far RV3APM from KO86RT, that is 26.495 MPW.
With 5 watt JT65A on 20 meter I worked IZØUUR from Italy.


  1. Hallo Paul, leuk filmpje. Tja als je elke dag door dezelfde stations gehoord wordt is het tjd voor een nieuwe uitdaging. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Paul, Mooie stadsmolen. Ik ben toevallig vanmiddag nog langs de Windotter in IJsselstein gefietst. Dat is ook een stellingmolen. 73, Bert


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