Monday, April 11, 2011

I like SSB too

As you know, I like SSB sometimes. Between August 2008 and 2010 I worked 80 DXCC only with 5 watt SSB. As EA5BP wrote on a QRP forum: 'Since I have my FT-817 I am working SSB and CW and I don't find any difference!' That is my experience too. The stations I work with CW QRP on 20 meter, I work those DXCC also with 5 watt SSB. Only JT65A makes a lot of difference. Even PSK31 is not much better than SSB. Anyway, I worked G8VGU Tim (see photo) from Tenterden, UK with only 2 watts SSB on 40 meter. He was running 150-200 watt PEP. 'Unbelievable' that's what Tim said. Also worked with 5 watt on 20 meter 9A8DX Darko from Croatia, 'booming signal for QRP' he said. I like that kind of remarks. Yesterday I worked with SSB on 20 meter: 9A3AGS, LZ5WF and IZØOWO.


  1. En zo heb je een hoop lol met weinig vermogen.

    73, Tjeerd

  2. Hi Paul. I think I will throw out a CQ or two on 20M ssb. Something I have never done with the FT-817 or SG-2020 to date. 73 Dick

  3. Hallo Tjeerd, het blijft leuk. 73 Paul

  4. Hi Dick, I must admit that calling CQ with SSB is seldom successful with QRP. What I do is looking for a station stronger than S5 (but not always necessary) and then call him. Good luck, 73 Paul


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