Saturday, April 30, 2011

Geomagnetic storm

I did hear only 7 SSB stations on 20 meter. A lot of noise is present. Today we celebrate the queens birthday, so we went for the Oranjebal in our village. That means dancing and drinking and making a lot of fun. Thank God for no propagation today. ;-)

Watch a video of the festivities in our village this morning. I made this photos and video when kids are selling all kind of rubbish on this day. Main colour is orange. (Orange (Oranje) is the family name of our queen)


  1. Paul,

    Ik was vanmiddag even in het veld mijn FT817nd + ATX-1080 antenne. De propegatie op 20M viel erg tegen.
    Geniet van je weekend.

    73, Tjeerd

  2. Hi Paul,

    I really enjoyed the video, especially the young girl playing the saxophone!

    73, Martin

  3. Hallo Paul, Mooie Queen's Day sfeer impressie. Ik heb ook het leuke filmpje van de Tic-Tac dag bekeken. Dat ziet erg gezellig uit. 73, Bert PA1B


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