Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This is the eQSL card of EA7IPP which I received in my mail box, most of the time is an eQSL standard QSL card. But sometimes someone has an own design. This one is very hot. My Easter weekend was very warm without any radio activity. My mother-in-law was having her birthday, yesterday. First Easter we had friends over for a boat trip and watching the bulb fields, and later on we went for the beach. This morning I turned on my rig, but it was very quiet on 40 meter, and on 20 meter also. With JT65 I received Hawaii and Australia. Propagation forecast for below 10Mhz: Excellent. Hum... really no signal on 40 meter.


  1. Leuke kaart Paul, sexy maar toch subtiel. Zit er over te denken mijn eQSL weer aan te passen. De windmolens die er nu op staan zijn al een jaar weg. De nieuwe windmolens zijn 2x zo hoog. Maar heb wat anders in gedachten....73, Bas

  2. Hey Paul, That card is a keeper!!!
    Best Regards - Jim

  3. Hallo Bas, ik heb mijn kaart van eQSL ook al een paar keer veranderd. Ik vind het wel leuk om er iets van te maken. 73 Paul

  4. Hello Jim, absolutely! 73 Paul

  5. Hello Paul, Nice card. Black and white and the see trough bar at the bottom (of the card) makes the card more beautiful. I am waiting for eQSL in high res. 73, Bert


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