Sunday, April 17, 2011

A nice Sunday morning

This morning I made a QSO with EA5KB/P from a lighthouse on 20 meter with 5 watt SSB. Also a QSO on 40 meter with OK1APB Lubos from Praha, Czech Republic. I was running 2 watt SSB, and Lubos 500 watt. We had a nice chat.

Yesterday I worked on 10 meter SSB 4Z1UF and 4X6FX.

I discovered a new voice repeater on 2 meter PI3YMD. I think it will be IJmuiden, a town where I lived for many years. I will keep an eye on this repeater, see if I can work some old chaps from the seventies.

The weather is great today. So I pull out the plug for awhile. And go outside.


  1. Good morning Paul. As we get into the warm weather, we will see more lighthouse activations. Always fun to QSO.

    Have a nice Sunday. Dick

  2. Hi Dick, yes indeed. A typical summer event. 73 Paul

  3. As of yet not contacted any lighthouses but with technology they must be getting far and few between.

  4. Hallo Paul, Goed idee. Ik ben met mijn vrouw vandaag lekker naar de sauna geweest tot een uur of vijf. Het was heerlijk weer. Zonnig maar niet té zonnig. Na het eten heb ik de draad weer opgepakt in de CQ MM DX contest. Ik heb voor het eerst Brazilië en USA in 2 way QRP gewerkt.
    73, Bert PA1B


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