Tuesday, March 22, 2011

VK on 10 meter again

I was reported by VK6TQ from Perth, Australia again on 10 meter today with 5 watt WSPR. Also FR1GZ from Reunion island and PA0O. On 20 meter BPSK31 I worked EA7IPP from Sevilla and RX3XP from Russia on 17 meter. I had a very nice day, sunny and temperature 15 C. I was reading a book in the garden about Near-Death Experiences. It feels like heaven ;-) Meanwhile the rig is running WSPR on 20 meter. Isn't that fantastic?


  1. Very good with WSPR Paul, I was supposed to get out and about on WSPR last week but never did get around to it. Working late most of the nights and no time once I get in. This week time is taken up with appointments such as the dentist this evening.....well maybe on the weekend.

  2. I missed working VK on 10m SSB here yesterday but a pal a couple of miles away from me got him. Later I was waiting patiently to call Richardo PY2HL near São Paulo Brazil. He was 59+ and then went QRT before I got a chance. Lots of other great contacts on 10 SSB yesterday.

    Makes me laugh when I think in the days I was on 27MHz CB they used to tell us it had a range of 30 miles. PY2HL is 5907.9 miles away and the last time I worked Brazil (a few years ago) I was running 2.5w from a Yaesu FT-817 in to a 5/8ths vertical. WSPR can be fun but I prefer voice to voice contacts.

  3. Hi Steve, there are a lot of possibilities above 24 MHz when condx are good. I seldom work SSB, most of the time digi modes and CW. 73 Paul

  4. Hi Mike, good luck with the dentist, and maybe next weekend WSPR on 30 meter? 73 Paul


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