Sunday, March 20, 2011

Testing the End fed wire for other bands

When you take a good look, you can see the antenna of IZ2DMV Stefano near Monza. I worked him on 40 meter with BPSK31 with the Hy End Fed mono band antenna for 20 meter. I tuned it for other bands and it works fine on 17, 30 and 40 meter as well. I never really tried before. I read that more amateurs are using the mono band antenna with a tuner. On 15 meter or higher the results are poor. On 8o meter I can't tune it. So I will test the antenna on 40, 30 and 17 meter this week. I also worked 9A1CCB on 40 meter this afternoon. With the dipole I was WSPR-ing on 10 meter. I was only reported by 4X6IZ from Tel Aviv, Israel and PA0O. The MUF was about 24 MHz so it must be Es. Yesterday I worked on 20 meter BPSK31: UA4CA and UR8MH.

WSPR on 30 meter tonight. 5 watt into the Hy End Fed antenna.


  1. Hello Paul,

    I also use antennas with a tuner for all bands.
    At home I use an Inverted Vee 3.5 MHz to 28 MHz and a symmetrical tuner, discribed in Electron.
    I can tune and QSO on 160m with an extra coil and on 145 MHz using the "holiday tuner".
    On holiday I used wire antennas of 6,10 or 20 mtr with the holiday tuner descibed on my site. The longer wire is the best.
    In 2007 I even won an Award in the YO-DX on holiday in CT, using a wire of 20 mtrs only 4 mtrs up, good for 80 QSO's. hi

    Good luck
    73, Bert PA1B

  2. O, dat is verrassend dat deze antenne ook op andere banden werkt.

  3. Hi Paul, you might find you'll suffer quite bad losses off resonance with a coax fed antenna, but hey the suns getting hotter, so go for it !

    73 Paul.

  4. Hello Bert, I also have a inverted V dipole for 80 and 40 meter which tune for the other HF bands. Only for 160 meter is the antenna not tunable. 30 meters WSPR was surprising with the end fed for 20 m. VK on 30 meter with 5 watt... ;-) 73 Paul

  5. Hallo Tjeerd, vooral de resultaten verbazen mij. Ik wist wel dat ie te tunen was, maar ik dacht dat het rendement niet veel zou zijn. VK op 30 meter met 5 watt is niet gek. 73 Paul

  6. Hi Pail, maybe... but VK with 5 watt on 30 meters, with SF 89, I am not really concerned. ;-) 73 Paul


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