Wednesday, March 30, 2011


When I read the blog of Mads LA1TPA about his QRP SSB activities, and how successful he was, I thought : today I try SSB also. My first half year I was back again from a long absence, I was working only with 5 watt SSB. Worked 76 DXCC with it, and my antenna was only a Miracle Whip with 10 meter wire attached. Solar Flux was always 70 or lower! Anyway, I heard on 20 meter BU2AU, Taiwan. He didn't hear me. I would be a new DXCC for me. Alas. I worked IZØOWO much more closer, he gave me a 59 report. Then I heard RW3XZ Alex (see photo) calling CQ. He came back for me. He was running 100 watts, but when I told him I was working 5 watt, he lowered his power also to 5 watt, and we made a two way SSB QRP QSO. So for all the folks who don't like Digi Modes and can't work CW, there is always a good contact possible with SSB.

This morning I worked UT5NM on 14.060 both with 5 watt CW. With JT65A I worked two stations from Kazakhstan on 20 meter: UN9LBF and UN6QC (near the Chinese Border) and HL/WX8C is a new DXCC: South - Korea. The QSO was a bit difficult because someone was QRM-ing.


  1. Hello Paul,

    Great to see that perseverance, beats intentional QRM.
    Mooi dat doorzettingsvermogen, opzettelijke storing verlaat.

    Bert PA1B

  2. Hallo Bert, en het grappige is dat hij me met een email het qso bevestigde. En dat er inderdaad iemand dwars doorheen zat. 73 Paul


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