Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Painting & sun

The weather was fine, good temperatures for painting outside. Some maintenance activities that had to be done. We have summertime now. We have +2 hours from UTC. From 17 h UTC I was active on 15 meter with JT65A. A lot of activity there. I worked 3 stations: WBØZPW from Kansas, AI7W from Oregon, and 9J2KK from Lusaka, Zambia for the 3rd time. In the meantime I have been reported by a lot of stations (Reverse Beacon reports) most of them from the USA. A few hours before I worked RN4NAA/QRP on 14.060 with CW. Today a sunny day again. Yes!


  1. Morning Paul:
    Enjoy the WX while lasts I think we have showers coming but its mild -I like the new layout, lots of interesting little snippets to read - I need to improve and add to mine but have not had time or inclination lately - Good results (Yet again) with your Wspr activity ;-)

    73 Peter

  2. Hi Peter, indeed showers are coming in a couple days, and more wind. But today it's still fine. So I leave the radio at day time now, 73 Paul

  3. Good morning Paul, nice to hear the weather is good there we are still waiting to get rid of the snow we had from last week. It is supposed to warm up to around 8 this week. Have fun painting the house I will be on the ARCI QRP contest this weekend.

  4. Hi Mike, I will keep an eye on that contest next weekend and I will look for info on the internet. 73 Paul

  5. After the mild temperatures of Brittany, returning to central New York State was a "chilling" experience. Below 0C in the morning. I just might give the ARCI contest a try on 20M. 73 Dick

  6. Hi Dick, indeed, that must a change... but I think the nice weather now wont hold on too long. I will look for the ARCI contest this weekend. 73 Paul


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