Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OMG, RTTY terror

When there are propagations or RTTY contests, than it's impossible to work JT65A on 20 meter. The band with the most JT65A activity on HF. It's only 2 KHz wide, but it seems to be difficult to avoid frequencies for other modes. On the photo above you can see the situation, only RTTY stations. I know it's a gentlemen's agreement, but please respect overall band plans. I am afraid this is apparently the seam side of good propagations. Anyway, I send the folks an email.

10 meter was open, but for me it's hard to make a qso. I think my antenna is not good for 10 meter. I heard LU5VV and 4X4FR with SSB.

On 20 meter I worked with the FT817 RV9LM with SSB. Distance 3793 km. Also worked OH1LWZ/M a mobile station from Finland.

This afternoon I worked on 20 m with ROS EA1DGF, on 40 meter with CW OK2PEX.

Tonight all the RTTY stations are gone on 20 meter. When you consider RTTY as a digital mode than they have the right to be there between 14070 and 14100 KHz. When conditions will go up further than it will be crowded on the amateur bands. With previous peaking sunspot cycles, it was difficult to find any free space with SSB. A lot of QRM, so good filters are needed.

When I really need quietness I move up to VHF. Or turn the rig off. Simple as that. I managed to work Zambia tonight on 20 meter with JT65A 9J2KK Katsumi from Lusaka City. Enough for today.


  1. This is why I've been saying there are too many digital modes and not enough space. The use of digital modes has been exploding over the last few years and the poor conditions have masked the effects. Now we're going to see some fights, because different digital modes don't play well together. Unfortunately there are no such "gentleman's agreements" for different digital modes, and what doesn't decode on their screen is just QRM to most ops.

  2. hello Julian, that means we should stick to the old modes? 73 Paul

  3. I've just written a post on this topic. But I think that the only way to accommodate the increasing number of digital mode users is to give some precedence to those modes that allow many people to work within a small bandwidth, like PSK31, to deprecate wide, inefficient modes like RTTY, and perhaps to limit the use of wide but efficient modes like Olivia and ROS to bands that aren't overcrowded. Because the alternative is not going to be pleasant for anybody.


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