Monday, March 14, 2011

My first QSO today was with 2EØZRQ on 80 meter with JT65A. Then I switched to 20 meter at 6 O'clock UTC. Now there is more daylight 20 meter opens up earlier and close later. I saw a lot of VK came along, but not able to work them. I did work EX2U from Kyrgyzstan (see photo) and UAØA Yuri from Asiatic Russia. I sent 217 reports to the central database of JT65-HF.

Yesterday I was running WSPR on 20 meter with 5 watt.


  1. Good morning Paul, I hope to be on WSPR during the week most likely on 30 meters as it will be in the evening. Hope to see you there.

  2. Hello Mike, I will keep an eye on 30 meter this week. Maybe I see you there, but most likely 30 meter will be closed here when it's evening at your place. 73 Paul

  3. Hello Mike/Paul, I've been on 30m PSK yesterday and the band closed at 19:00 UTC. So I guess a WSPR report between the Netherlands/Canada will be difficult. Although you never know....
    Waar kun jij zien dat je 217 rapporten hebt verstuurd Paul? 73, Bas

  4. hallo Bas, ik denk ook dat het lastig wordt op 30 meter in de avond. Maar goed, je weet maar nooit. Rechts onderaan met JT65-HF zie je RB en PSK reporter rapporten staan en het aantal wat is geüpload. 73 Paul


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