Thursday, March 10, 2011

Modulation test

I had a sked with Bas PE4BAS for testing the modulation of the FT817 versus the FT450. I had the impression that the modulation of the FT817 is more clear, and sounds better. We did the sked on 80 meter 3705 KHz with SSB. Bas made a very nice video of this sked we had. Indeed, the modulation of the FT817 is more clear. The modulation of the FT450 is enhanced by changing the mic EQ and mic gain. See pictures below. So now I know for sure that I use the FT817 for SSB QSO's. Thanks, Bas for making this video.

I was running WSPR on 10 meter and was reported by Bas PE4BAS, PA7MEM and PA0O. No DX for me. I heard with CW A71EM on 10 meter and J88DR on 15 meter with CW. I haven't worked those DXCC before. I tried to work them but was not successful.

On 15 meter I worked UX1IW and UT7LK on 17 meter with PSK31.


  1. Hallo Paul, ben blij dat het allemaal gelukt is zoals we een beetje in gedachten hadden. Even een vraagje, hoe ver slaat jou power meter uit bij 5W vermogen? Bij mij is dat ongeveer 1W als ik normaal moduleer met de originele handmike. Met de headset zet ik de mike gain op 60 en moduleer ik ongeveer 2,5W. Ik weet dat een normale SWR meter geen piekvermogen meet. Dus ben ik benieuwd hoe dat is bij een medegebruiker. Vond dit een zeer interessante test. Leuk ook om even jouw filtermogelijkheden te zien... 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Paul, bovenstaande bedoel ik met de FT817. Overigens zag ik je net op 10m WSPR !!! Dat is niet gek, de wonderen zijn de wereld nog lang niet uit. 73, Bas

  3. Anonymous3/10/2011

    Proving, once again, the FT-817 is great. 73 Dick

  4. Hello Dick, it's a great rig, the best I ever had. 73 Paul

  5. Hi Paul, I haven't watched the videos fully yet ( I am being a wage slave at the moment ), however I am interested as I too have an FT-817 and FT-450. I have a question, did you use the same microphone on both radios?

  6. Hello André, no, I didn't use the same microphone. You suggest that the mic of the FT450 isn't good quality? Good thought. Haven't thought myself about that possibility. 73 Paul


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