Friday, March 11, 2011

Doppler effect?

Yesterday I was running WSPR on 10 meter. Nothing special really, I mean no DX. Only locals here from the Netherlands. PE4BAS, PA0O and PA7MEM, the last one lives about 15km away from me. There is a lot of air traffic around here because of Schiphol. Is it Doppler effect on the signals?

There wasn't much traffic on the HF bands because of a minor geomagnetic storm. I could work R7BN with JT65A and YO2BCT. Bands are improving this afternoon, though I saw not much on my JT65A screen. Maybe later today. I was reported in New Zealand, USA, Canada and Kazakhstan. Hum, maybe JT65A is the best digital mode.

The weather is fine here today. Sunny and temp about 10C. I will take a book and go outside in the sun, for the first time this year.


  1. Anonymous3/11/2011

    Enjoy your book. Nice to be able to read out in the fresh air for a change. 73 Dick N2UGB

  2. Got bored with being spotted by FR1GZ on 10m so I've been on JT65A today but nothing at all heard. Perhaps everyone is watching the events in JA on TV? XYL is under the weather and I'm starting to feel the same so I'll probably be stuck to the "passive" modes for the next few days if I don't go QRT.

  3. Hi Paul
    Yes indeed the weather has been good this week - I think tomorrow (Sat) we have a little rain but it is much milder here - not been active today too much domestic stuff going on :-)
    Nice to get outside though - very pleasant, hope its a sign of things to come.
    Enjoy your book - Have a good weekend.

    73 Peter

  4. Vond het toch bijzonder dat ik je signaal kon opnemen. Normaal gezien is dat haast uitgesloten. Het kan vliegtuigscatter zijn, maar dan zou PA0O je niet kunnen opnemen denk ik. Tja, vreemd. Het zegt wel wat over het ruisniveau hier denk ik. Dat is erg laag, vooral op 10m. k heb dit al eens eerder gehad met PA2RF. 73, Bas

  5. Hi
    Ik denk dat het refecties zijn van vliegtuigen die vlak langs je vliegen Op: kun je vliegtuigen terug vinden met minimaal 15 min delay Ik ken het van 30m qrss

  6. Halo Johan, ja ik vermoedde het al dat het van vliegtuigen zijn. Handig om zo vliegtuigen te volgen. Bedankt voor je link en reactie. 73 Paul


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