Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And now something else

I was looking if I could work some DX this morning, with JT65A on 20 meter. And yes, there it is: Australia, VK4BDJ David from Black River, Queensland. Distance 15.066 km. Also spotted by ZL3GA, EX2U and VK2POP.


  1. Hello Paul:
    That IS good going - I do like JT65 it is a very sensitive mode and can see stations come up that are barely visible on the waterfall - I usually run it with about 15w but as conditions improve I will decrease the output, especially on the higher bands - trouble is, getting swamped by other broadband modes with higher power, no doubt as conditions improve and more users come on-air this problem will worsen.

    73 Peter

  2. Hello Peter, when more people use higher power with JT65A, it would be difficult to make a qso. When everybody is driving 90 miles/hour, I and don't, then I have a problem on the highway. You know? Sometimes I will run 30 watts, and if possible I decrease my power level. 73 Paul


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