Friday, February 18, 2011

VK on 10 meter

On DX Sherlock I saw there was propagation on 10 meter. So I let WSPR run on 10 meter. Immediately I received a VK station on 10 meter. I had some appointments outside, so I was very curious what the results will be when I come home again. Wow, I was really surprised. I was reported by several stations in Australia. This is for me the first time I am reported in Australia on 10 meters. This was typical F2 layer propagation,. There was also Es reflection. Reported in Israel and other European countries.

A very nice list. Most of the VK stations were running 10 or 20 watts.


  1. Very good. Yesterday I ran WSPR on 10m and was also reported in VK. So there is definitely some propagation around. It's quite funny to be received in Australia and nowhere nearer!

  2. Hallo Paul, moet morgen WSPR ook maar eens laten gaan op 10m. VK heb ik daar nog niet....zou het lukken met 1W?? 73, Bas

  3. Hello Julian, sometimes I wonder how propagation is and ask the same question. ;-) 73 Paul

  4. Hallo Bas, in principe zou het moeten lukken. Ik kwam met -18 en -14 binnen, dus jij met 1 watt 10 db zwakker. Opgeplust met de db winst van je antenne. Moet lukken. 73 Paul

  5. Hallo Paul,

    Een SNR van -14 dB in Australie, dat is niet mis.
    Prima signalen. Mooie lijst. Dat is weer genieten.

    73, Bert

  6. VK was coming in quite nicely on voice as well for a short while. Managed to work Brazil.

    73 Paul.

  7. Hallo Bert, dit soort lijstjes maakt een mens blij. 73 Paul

  8. Hello Paul, it must be, because WSPR is a good predictor of propagations. Brazil is a nice catch on 10 meter, congrats! 73 Paul


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