Monday, February 14, 2011


Taiwan is my 91 DXCC with low power. I worked BV7RC Kenzo Ito on 20 meter with JT65A. Though the SF is 107, conditions are not great (yet). 30 meter and higher is poor. The fact I worked Taiwan was a matter of luck. I was listen and watching the JT65A frequencies. As usual a lot of Russians and Ukraine stations, suddenly there was BV7RC calling CQ. I was there to answer.

A new feature of Blogger: a lot of new fonts for your blog available. This is the 'Allerta' font. Go experimenting!

Tonight I worked on 80 meters with bpsk31: F4FVO Francis, S51AY Arpi and OE3RIS Franz.


  1. Anonymous2/14/2011

    hi paul. yes, despite those numbers, condx are not good. so, favorable sf is no guarantee. 73 dick n2ugb

  2. Hi Dick, and maybe tomorrow HF black out. Well, we'll see. 73 Paul

  3. Paul,

    Ik heb gelezen dat er ook wat onderweg is vanaf de zon. Het kan ondanks het hoge getal nog slechter worden.

  4. Hallo Tjeerd, er is zeker wat opkomst. Ik houd het morgen eens in de gaten.


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