Monday, February 7, 2011


After listening to several DX stations I found out that there are still radio operators who don't know what 'split' means.


  1. GM Paul,

    Er zijn altijd OM's bij die het anders proberen, zonder resultaat.

    73, Tjeerd

  2. Hallo Tjeerd, ja en dan na een paar oproepen om 'up' te gaan dan toch nog volharden. 73 Paul

  3. Hallo Bas, en dan bedoel ik geen banana split. ;-)

  4. Paul, I have mixed emotions about split operating. 17 meters is an example of a small (cw) segment that when "rare" DX or DX-peditions turn up can be hell for the non combative. I send a QRL. No reply. I send a general CQ. Suddenly I find myself in a buzz of signals calling a station, god only knows where and on what frequency. And, there is more of the same on that same band.

    I've gone back to 14.060.

    73 Dick

  5. Hi Dick, what I mean is a station that want to work that particular DX station but is not aware of split working. So he is calling on the TX frequency of the DX station. I was on 40 meter this afternoon but now much too crowded for me. I like 20 meter CW the most. 73 Paul

  6. Hi Paul,

    Should the DX station not periodically announce that he is working split and what the difference frequency is...well I very rarely hear of that happening, the only way I know is either from the cluster spots '5 up' etc or by the EU zoo QRM 5-10 up.

    73 Paul.

  7. Ban the splits! It takes up an unfair amount of bandwidth. We should not have to have the DX Cluster running to work anybody and most times I never hear the DX station even give his own callsign never mind expecting him to let you know where he is listening.

    I remember hearing a DX station say "5 to 10 up" and I listened to the pile up and everyone was calling on 10 up so I called 5 up and got him second go. When I looked on the cluster everyone was spotting him as 10 up.

    73 Steve GW7AAV

  8. Hi Paul, despite announcing that he's working split, people keep on yelling on the wrong frequency. Don't they listen? I made a recording this morning on 40 meter. OMG, I don't want to be part of that kind of madness. Pile ups I mean. 73 Paul

  9. Hi Steve, "and most times I never hear the DX station" indeed that's true, or the station is very weak. But it's the stupid behavior what is annoying me. Anyway, I seldom take part of a pile up. I do listen for a while, and then tuning on. I try to keep on smiling. 73 Paul


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