Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New version of Fldigi

Yesterday I worked RA3YBU Sergy from Bryansk, Russia with PSK31 on 40 meter. Also IK1VCO Angelo from Novara, Italy. I was first transmitting with JT65A, but there was a strong YO station with 75 watt, so it was hard to pick up weak signals. There is an increasing number of QRO stations on JT65A. So I went to PSK frequency. There is more bandwidth to avoid too strong stations. I downloaded the new version of Fldigi 3.20.34, still a fine program. New is MT63. And a lot of improvements. Check it out. [link]


  1. Morning Paul:
    I do not know what this fascination for running high power is about - also some of these guys spread up and down the bands into different allocations making it impossible to hear weak stations - I did some whispering over the last couple of days on 40/20m and we have high power RTTY and tuners popping up at +30dB ! Oh and the "Hola screamers and whistlers" brigade.
    whats it going to be like when the bands open up ?
    Ah well at least we have bright sunny day today.
    Have a nice day.

    73 Peter

  2. Hi Peter, yes I know what you mean. It would be very crowded then, maybe they leave the qrp frequencies and other small bandwidth digimodes places. The weather is fine here, sunny and a blue sky. Inside it looks like spring, outside a bit chilly. 73 Paul


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