Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It could be a perfect day

It could be a perfect day for working DX. The Solar Flux is 90 and SN 71 and a K index of 0. I was calling CQ with 5 watt CW on 40 meter and worked SP1JXJ Andy. I was reported by K3LR (Photo) Timothy from PA. On 80 meter I was reported by NØRQ (TX) and N4RP (PA) Now I am listening on 20 meter QRP. I hear 4Z5NX/QRP calling CQ. He is almost every day qrv on 20 meter. Yesterday I heard a contest on 2 meter. I did not participate but gave a few points. I worked PF2T and PAØMIR. Anyway, I stick to 20 meter QRP this time to see if I can catch Dick (N2UGB) there.

Update: I saw that Dick F/N2UGB was qrv at 10.19z but I didn't hear him myself. I did hear HB9DAX, UT2UN, IT9QAU, EA8/PA7ZEE and YO3YZ. Further the day: I expected more. Sometimes I think my receiver is dead. This afternoon was an opening on 10 meter TEP Propagation. I didn't hear a thing. I was calling XE2WWW on 17 meter. Never worked Mexico before, but nope. With WSPR on 40 meter I was successful in the grey zone. Best DX reported VK2TPM.


  1. Hi Paul
    I listened on 14060 earlier and heard VK4TJ, he was very weak here he was working into HB9 I did not work him though - so there IS some DX about its just being patient and tuning around getting into that "Sweet Spot" at the right time.

    Happy Days de Peter

  2. Hi Peter, I did hear VK4 too. I did not try to work him. Too weak. Just wait and see. 73 Paul

  3. EA8/PA7ZE is waarschijnlijk EA8/PA7ZEE geweest.

    73, Tjeerd

  4. hallo Tjeerd, ik heb vast een E-tje gemist. ;-) Bedankt, 73 Paul

  5. Glad I was able to hear you. I'm located north of Sydney, Australia in the suburbs but at a pretty quiet location. Receiving antenna is a half sized G5RV strung between a tree and the house.

    Congratulations on a fine transmission right around the globe!

    Peter, VK2TPM

  6. Hi Peter, thanks for your comment, it's always nice to work the other side of the world with QRP power. 73 Paul


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