Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend QRM

A lot of RTTY QRM on the JT65A frequencies. I managed to make 2 BPSK31 QSO's. I worked SP6LUP (see photo) and OK2PDH, both on 20 meter. With JT65A I worked RU3KS on 20 meter. To much QRM of RTTY stations. I was reported by stations outside Europe: VK4CMV and PY8ELO with JT65A this morning. With SSB I worked 9A2UZ on 20 meter.


  1. When investigating surprisingly high S meter reading on the IARU beacon frequency while Faros was doing its beacon monitoring stuff I found RTTY QRM there too. I've been at this game too long to be surprised or get angry when one bunch of hams show complete disregard for another group's activity. It's the law of the jungle and that's that.

  2. Good afternoon Paul, yes there was an RTTY contest on this weekend. I was CW contesting on the lower end of the bands causing havoc down there.

  3. Hello Julian, I tried too avoid HF in the weekends. First of all I want to spend time for my family. Week days the XYL is at work and the kids in school. Second, I dislike the behavior of some hams when contests are going on. So the choice is made. Most annoying are RTTY contests. They occupy all frequencies. Anyway, toady it's Monday.... radio time. ;-) 73 Paul


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