Thursday, January 20, 2011


I like astronomy too. I saw on Peter's G4NKX blog that he made photos of the moon. I did the same this morning because I saw Venus in the Western sky, very bright. So I took my camera outside on tripod and a long shutter speed and took this photo. When you click on the second photo you will see a web site, very neat to know where the planets are. On the first photo you can a piece of my sloping 20 meter end fed wire.

Zoom 18x. With my Panasonic FZ38. Shutter speed 8 seconds. Venus looks big, but that's because of the low angle at the horizon.


  1. Hallo Paul, het was extreem helder vanochtend. De maan was ook erg duidelijk te zien. Mooie foto's.
    Op Flickr schijnt ergens een pagina te zijn waar je een foto kan plaatsen waarna je er allemaal aanwijzingen op krijgt m..b.t. sterren en planeten die er op te zien zijn. Maar misschien wist je dat al. 73, Bas

  2. Hoi Bas: als je op de tweede foto klikt dan krijg je wat je bedoelt, denk ik. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul, the only two things in the sky I am absolutely sure of are the moon and the sun. When I was out with the dog this morning (4am) we did have a nice looking full moon.

  4. Hello Mike, 4 AM? Walking the dog? Wow, you must be an early riser. You can't miss Venus, so bright. Maybe 4 am Venus is still beyond the horizon. 73 Paul

  5. Hello Paul
    Venus does look big - thats a large picture too - I'll have another look tomorrow - still experimenting with camera mounts trying to line up digi lense on my telescope - I will end up buying one I expect.

    73 Peter

  6. Anonymous1/20/2011

    Venus looked gorgeous just before dawn. Nice pix. 73 Dick N2UGB

  7. Anonymous1/22/2011

    Schitterende Venus- foto. Complimenten.
    Geen stip, maar een schijf!
    Vind Orion ook altijd mooi om tijdens onbewolkte te zien.


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