Monday, January 17, 2011

USA on 80 m

This photo shows the antenna of K4KV Glen from Moultrie, GA, USA. I worked him on 80 meter this morning with JT65. Also KT1B James from Haverhill, MA, USA. A few years ago I thought that USA on 80 was only a dream for me. Only as a SWL I could remember USA on 80 meter. Hi. But now with JT65 it is possible.

With BPSK31 I worked on 20 meter this afternoon: IW5BAX, CT1BNW, UA3ON and LA4CW. On 17 meter: UT9LC. In the early evening: I5AKQ on 40 meter, and DF9OO and DL3KOG on 80 meter.


  1. Good work! I have never used this mode, so I should give it a try.

  2. Hello Roger, you should really do so, it's good mode for QRP. 73 Paul

  3. Hallo Paul, eindelijk succes. Volgens mij heb je het vorig jaar ook al eens geprobeerd zonder dat je een QSO kon maken. Dit keer is het dan toch gelukt. JT65A blijft verbazen...73, Bas

  4. Hi Paul:
    Good job - I find I am using this mode more often now and even I have made some contacts on 80m - I worked KT1B on 20m in October last on Jt65.
    One evening last week 40m was open to the states but was only monitoring - we also had propagation to the USA yesterday on 20m about 15:00.
    Keep up the good work.
    73 Peter

  5. Hallo Bas, altijd weer leuk op 80 meter. Op 80 werk ik alleen maar met digitale modes. Vrijwel nooit CW en SSB. JT65 blijft vooralsnog leuk. 73 Paul

  6. Hi Peter, and though the solar flux is low at the moment, there still openings to USA on 40 and 80 meter. I think the lower bands are the best in winter. 73 Paul


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