Monday, January 17, 2011

QRP on 80 m JT65

Tonight I wanted to do QRP on 80 meter with 100 milliwatt. I was only heard by a Dutch SWL station PA11134, distance 191 km. Then I tried 1 watt. I made a QSO with Ed SP3IY with JT65 on 80 meter. Ed was using 5 watt and a dipole. Distance between us 739 km. I was also reported by MØDEP 494 km, G4BYM 465 km, ON5DC 242 km, PAØOCD 32 km and EI1DG 747 km.

Earlier I was calling on 80 meter BPSK31 with 30 watt. PE4BAS Bas, came back for me, but I could hardly decode his signal.

This afternoon I heard stations on 20 meter JT65 with 90 and 100 watt. Oh boy, I hope not that the QRO guy's will take over that small bandwidth for digital mode. It is absolute not necessary to work with so much power on JT65.

Tuesday morning I worked SP3VAQ on 80 meter with 0.5 W JT65, he was using 5 watt, so a two way QRP QSO. Distance 737 km.


  1. I guess there are still those out there who believe the more power equals longer distance. I agree QRO operators would change JT65.

  2. Hallo Paul, als ik zo de tekst volg dan neem ik aan dat je 100mW probeerde op JT65A. Heb eind 2010 nog een paar QSO's gemaakt met 500mW op PSK, dat ging ook uitstekend. 73, Bas

  3. Hello Mike, I hope they consider lower power on digi modes. 73 Paul

  4. Hallo Bas, ik werd gehoord met 100 mw. Met condx moet het zeker goed te doen zijn. Maar vandaag zijn de condx niet zo best. 73 Paul


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