Wednesday, January 12, 2011

JT65A is better then PSK

After a problem with my computer, I needed a system backup. I tried PSK on 40 meter... nope. I tried PSK on 80 meter... nope. All with 5 watt. Nobody came back for me. I could crank up the power, but I didn't. Then I tried JT65A with 5 watt on 80 meter. Yes, immediately a QSO with UR4LQ (see photo) distance: 2188 km. My second QSO was with DK6CS (using 90 watts). After 30 minutes I was heard in 11 DXCC countries. Reported by: ON6KE, SP3CMX, GI8HXY, SM7UFR, SA7AGE, SM0MEM, SQ8MXR, RA6HMS (2835 km), EIDG, OE1DRB, M0LRE, DL4DNW and M6DRS. So my conclusion is that JT65A is better then PSK.

I placed a shoutbox on my side. Just a try out. I place for short messages e.g. where I am QRV, or someone wanted to say hello.

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