Thursday, December 9, 2010

Waiting for V4

The MUF this morning was above 21 MHz, so I was tuning on 15 meter band. A lot of East European stations, as expected. I worked with BPSK31 RN6AJ (see photo taken from UT1EI, UR5IFP and RW3TT. On 20 meter I worked with CW RW9FZ. I am waiting for the new digital mode V4. It sounds very promising and nice for qrp work. More info by Julian G4ILO. I have just logged in at Yahoo news group about V4 and I am waiting for approval.

Update 16.00 UTC: still no email, my approval is still pending. I do hope that the mail is not lost in my spambox.

For weak signals is JT65 still the best. Though restricted possibilities for exchanging information, I sure like this mode. In the late afternoon I worked ZS2I John from Heiderand, South Africa. It will be my last qso on 20 meter, because when it's dark there is no propagation on 20 meter at wintertime.


  1. Paul you are doing very well with all your digital mode operations. At some point in the future, maybe this summer, I will seriously consider something like WSPR or this new system you are using. 73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, as you know I like to work with WSPR, PSK and JT65. RTTY is less because it's difficult with QRP. I need too much power to be heard. 73 Paul

  3. Took about a day to get V4Protocal Yahoo group approval.

    I was on, last night, but nothing heard on 80m except for MFSK mode, maybe Olivia, Ros, and some other noises on 3583 kHz between 2240 and 2300 UTC.

    Let us know when you are ready and we can try a schedule?



  4. Hello André, still nothing heard. I have a pending membership. I let you know here when I get V4 for a sked. 73 Paul


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